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A collection of poetry.

Life, Writing & Photography
...a Collection of Personal Discoveries
Copyright © by Greg German, 2008



The Last Day of Harvest

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The Last Day of Harvest is a personal recollection of farm poetry someday destined to be a book. It is s cyclical progression of seasons, related occurrences and life experienced from the vantage points of the old farmer, the farmer and the farmer's son.  -- A work in progress so long it's not worth discussion.


 Summer -Part 1


 Summer -Part 2




The Limestone Cowboy

As A . . .  


   A Little Something About Time


Something big has fallen,

crashed since my last fishing

here.  And now,

where the green sky

has been, there is a deep, blue

hole.  The cottonwood,

always too large for me

to climb, rests like I imagine

a dinosaur would stand

over the river, breathing

its last summer.

After what has been ages

I scale onto its back

and move,

bank to bank.