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Dominica, Caribbean WI - Looking north towards Portsmouth

Dominica, Caribbean, WI 
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...a Brief History
 ...before I ask, Limestone tells me
he's had a vision.  "Jesus," I swear. "No,"
he replies.  "God.
She's a woman."

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The 3rd Day Of Harvest


No one thing

is out of rhythm.

Wind is everywhere,

loose like a child

in the back yard,

hot to run wild 

for the other side

of the fence.

It plays around us,

Teamed with the sun. 

Turns our skin dark.

Makes us sweat. 

Kindles consciousness

of work.  Spellbound

combines graze across

fields like buffalo.

Anxious for the next

bite.  Belches of straw

unfurl like flags

behind them.  Steered

down dirt roads

trucks moan toward

town.  A billion

billion grains

of wheat,  a Universe

of stars, heaped

upon their back. 

A red-tailed hawk


to the next field

and returns.  A paint

brush stroke.

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hearing only ourselves, we imagine the sound of trees stretching and buds

splitting. It's late.  Our mothers will worry.  But we decide

we are men and are never going home, again.


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